Nirvana Shatkam Adi Shankara

Nirvana Shatkam Adi Shankara

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For some reason the Vadakkunatahar temple in Soumya's home town of Thrissur, Kerala appeals to me greatly. The closing pooja at 8.30 PM is done with so much reverence by the Namboodri, the group chanting of Sivashtakam and other mantras by a dedicated band of locals who make it each night is a sight to watch and hear. When in Thrissur, I go there to pray, watch and soak in the spirit of the place. When I got this recording of Nirvanashtakam, I decided to make a video. The verses are so filled with meaning. The first 5 stanzas are negations and the last one asserts the Brahman I have given the slides in Tamil and English followed by the meaning. Though there are many mp3's available in the web, the SB Balasubramanian version captivates me best. The term 'Siva' in Nirvanashtakam means 'auspiciousness' and denotes the supreme Brahman.

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