THAYAKAM YENO | Beryl Natasha | Tamil Christian Songs | Melchi Evangelical

THAYAKAM YENO | Beryl Natasha | Tamil Christian Songs | Melchi Evangelical

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"In this broken world that is driven by power, pride, and materialism, we often find that these pursuits leave us feeling empty. We can appear successful on the outside and be broken and hopeless inside. But I have come to learn the truth that I was created by a God who is Love and in whom I find my purpose and deepest satisfaction. In Jesus we have hope, the hope of an eternal life spent in an abundance of joy and peace in His Presence. Find Jesus. Find Peace. " Lyric: Mrs. Priscilla Paul Singer : Beryl Natasha Casting : Beryl Natasha & Shruthi Ravali Produced by Melchi Evangalical Services Music produced by Stephen. J Renswick Creative Head : Augustine Ponseelan Director : Lavanya Rao Camera : Anbu Dennis and Ramannan puroshotaman Editor and Colorist SB. Francis Musicians: Music programmed by Stephen J Renswick Drums programmed by Arjun Vasanthan Guitars: Keba Jeremiah Flute: Kamalakkar Violin: Enbar Kannan Mix and Master: Augustine Ponseelan --------- Lyric : THAYAKAM YENO THAMADHAM YENO THARUNAM IDHU UNTHAN THARUNAM IDHU NEE THEDUM AMAITHI, IVARIL VUNDU IVAR ANRI NIMMATHI VERENGU VUNDU ANBENUM VAARTHAIKU ARTHAME IVARTHAN KARUNAYIN AVATHARAM IVARE IVARTHAN IRUNDATHORE NILAIMAIYIN VIDIYALUM IVARTHAN VAADINA VAAZHKAYIN VASANTHAME IVARTHAN NAADIDU IVARAI ...AMAITHIYE NORUNGUNDA ITHAYATHAI YERPAVAR IVARTHAN NARUNGUNDA MANATHUKKU OUSHATHAM IVARTHAN MANNIPPIN SWAROOPAM IVARE IVARTHAN MANUKULAM MEETKUM MEETPARUM IVARTHAN IVARATHU NAAMAM YESUVE

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