Hero మరియు Zero మధ్య ఉన్న తేడా ఇదే | Rajasekhar Mamidanna Stand Up Comedian | Josh Talks Telugu

Hero మరియు Zero మధ్య ఉన్న తేడా ఇదే | Rajasekhar Mamidanna Stand Up Comedian | Josh Talks Telugu

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రాజ శేఖర్ మామిడన్న ఒక ప్రఖ్యాత Standup comedian . Engineering మరియు MBA డిగ్రీలు కలిగి స్థిరమైన ఉద్యోగం ఉన్నా సరే వదులుకొని స్టాండప్ కామెడీ వైపు అడుగులు వేశారు. ఒక standup comedianగా తన ప్రయాణం ఎలా మొదలు అయ్యిందో, తాను ఎలాంటి ఇబ్బందులను ఎదురుకున్నారో తనదైన శైలిలో వ్యంగంగా వివరించారు. ప్రదర్శనలు ఇచ్చేటప్పుడు తనకు ఎదురయ్యే కష్టాలనూ, గుర్తింపు కొసం ఆయన చేసిన ప్రయత్నాలను నవ్వుతూ పంచుకున్నారు. Stand-up కామెడీ పై తెలుగు వారిలో అవగాహన తేవడం కోసం చాలా కృషి చేశారు. ఈయన 2013 లో మొదటి సారిగా కొంతమంది మిత్రులతో కలిసి Open Mic ఈవెంట్ చేయటంతో హైదరాబాద్ లో Stand-up Comedy ఒరవడిని ప్రారంభించారు. ఆ తరువాత 2014 నుంచి Funny Sideup అనే సంస్థ ద్వారా ప్రదర్శనలు ఇవ్వటం మొదలు పెట్టారు. ఈ రోజున హైదరాబాద్ లో Stand-up కామెడీ ఒక మంచి స్థితికి రావటం వెనుక ఈయన కృషి,శ్రమ చాలానే ఉంది. MR Raja Shekhar Mamidanna is a famous standup comedian in Hyderabad. In this video, he shares his journey of becoming a standup comedian from a standard job holder. He gives his take on lack of awareness about standup comedy among Telugu people as they mistake standup comedy for jabardasth and mentions ups and downs in his journey in a humorous way. He started standup comedy in Hyderabad from 2013 by conducting open mike events. Later on, he started an organization FUNNY SIDE UP and started conducting events. Thanks to him and his efforts today standup comedy has gained momentum in Hyderabad. He encourages everyone to try standup at least once at the open mike to empathize with standup comedians which would automatically build respect for standup comedy. Josh Talks passionately believes that a well-told story has the power to reshape attitudes, lives, and ultimately, the world. We are on a mission to find and showcase the best motivational stories from across India through documented videos and live events held all over the country. What started as a simple conference is now a fast-growing media platform that covers the most innovative rags to riches success stories with speakers from every conceivable background, including entrepreneurship, women’s rights, public policy, sports, entertainment, and social initiatives. With 7 regional languages in our ambit, our stories and speakers echo one desire: to inspire action. Our goal is to unlock the potential of passionate young Indians from rural and urban areas by inspiring them to overcome the setbacks they face in their careers and helping them discover their true calling in life. ► SUBSCRIBE to our Incredible Stories, press the red button ⬆️ ► Say hello on FB: https://www.facebook.com/JoshTalksTelugu/ ► Tweet with us: https://www.twitter.com/JoshTalksLive ► Instagrammers: https://www.instagram.com/JoshTalksLive ► Josh Talks is in your city soon: https://events.joshtalks.com -----**DISCLAIMER**----- All of the views and work outside the pretext of the video, of the speaker, are his/ her own and Josh Talks, by any means, does not support them directly or indirectly and neither is it liable for it. Viewers are requested to use their own discretion while viewing the content and focus on the entirety of the story rather than finding inferences in its parts. Josh Talks by any means, does not further or amplify any specific ideology or propaganda.

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